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San Diego's Most Trusted Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Specialist

Serving San Diego, California, since 1990, John Rubin has been providing professional dog training services and has helped tens of thousands of satisfied clients and their dogs. He pioneered the "natural approach" to dog obedience training and set the standards that many of San Diego's best dog trainers use today.

John is a master behaviorist and an expert at developing simple, yet effective, training programs that are centered on shaping behavior. From families with young puppies who want to provide their puppy with a solid foundation to people with a newly rescued dog who needs special support to accommodate their unique behavioral needs, he works with you to teach you how to best support the needs of your furry family member. John has truly set the bar when it come understanding the psycho-social needs of the dogs we love.

John The Dog Trainer

John Rubin. Founder and Owner

John M. RubinJohn Rubin has been training dogs for over 27 years and he is recognized nationally as an expert canine behaviorist and dog trainer.

He developed his unique training methods to focus on effective communication between humans and dogs. By using his understanding of a dog's natural instincts and drives he educates clients about "K9-ality." As each dog has its own temperament as well as emotional and physical needs, their instinctual "drives" often define their "K9-ality". John can help you to learn about the psychology of your K9 so you can better understand what is needed to aid you and your dog or puppy in the training and bonding process.

He has gained the respect of many San Diego Vets, breeders, shelters and rescue organizations as well as countless others in the community putting him at the top of his industry and he has testified in Court as an Expert Witness for issues related to canine behavior, socialization and development. 

He is committed to improving awareness, safety and the overall well being of dogs nationwide. He has organized community forums to increase awareness of responsible dog ownership as well as offered free community workshops to teach people about Rattlesnake and Coyote safety in addition to giving presentations at local schools to teach children about canine communication and behavior. . If you would like to invite John to speak at your organization or event about canine behavior, cognition or safety please feel free to contact him.

He enjoys spending time with his wife and their dogs Marvin, Fluffy, Pooh and Charlie who you will often see accompany him on appointments and speaking engagements.
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Our Vision

Eliminate the theory of disposable dog ownership. Every dog deserves a forever home!

Our Mission

To improve the lives of humans and dogs by teaching practical and effective training techniques that focus on improving the relationship between dogs and the people who love them.

Our Team

Trish Fleming - Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA

“TrishTrish’s Master’s Degree in Education and her expertise in behavioral science and behavioral modification has been a tremendous asset to John’s Natural Dog Training Company.

Clients appreciate her ability to explain canine learning theory and canine development as well as her ability to create practical and effective individualize training plans to help families maximize their dogs potential. She takes her time to get to know each family and each dog so that she can teach clients how to effectively communicate with their dog by using appropriate training aids and body language.

Her experience working with rescue's who exhibit maladaptive behavior due to trauma or lack of proper socialization and bonding is comprehensive. She started as a volunteer with Coastal German Shepherd Rescue-SD in 2007 and helping people successfully integrate adopted dogs into their families is true joy of hers. “Fluffy”, her rescued German Shephard, often accompanies her on her appointments. Trish is an AKC Certified Evaluator, a member of the International Association of Dog Trainers and Certified Professional Dog Trainer.
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