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Housebreaking Your Puppy: Most owners have the highest expectations, with the least understanding, when it comes to teaching their dogs how to go to the bathroom outside, while on a walk or in a designated area. Read More


Separation Anxiety: On average, approximately 14% of dogs in the U.S. exhibit one or more signs of separation anxiety. This behavioral concern is second only to aggression. Read More


Which Collar Works Best: The difference between walking your dog - or for some, the dog walking you - and training your dog can often be explained by which collar you use, how you use it and when. Read More


The Shocking Truth: "I absolutely will never use, and do not advocate, the use of electronic shock collars! - a good dog trainer, behaviorist or experienced handler would never need one."John M. Rubin Read More


How Dogs Learn: For years dog trainers and behaviorists have tried to convince us that there is more to the dog than meets the eye. I am convinced, happily, that this is just not so. Read More


Food Training Explained: For some owners, training with treats just seems obvious. To others, it simply makes no sense. Before getting into why I do not use food training, I want to explain the concept. Read More



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