John Knows Dogs Bronze Program

Lifetime admission to group obedience classes!

John's Bronze Dog Training ProgramOur Bronze Package is actually not a private program but a comprehensive obedience class curriculum.

This training program is for owners with extensive experience in owning and training a dog, who need limited instruction but with the same intensive training philosophy as our Platinum, Gold and Silver Packages. Only dogs that do well with other dogs and people are good candidates for this package.

With the Bronze Program you receive lifetime admission to our Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Classes (no specialty classes though.) This curriculum does prepare you to sign-up for our Canine Good Citizen Class at a reduced rate and you will be well-prepared to take the test.

We do address some behavior concerns as well a discuss other helpful topics such as nutrition.

"I absolutely will never use, and do not advocate, the use of electronic shock collars! A good dog trainer, behaviorist or experienced handler would never need one." John M. Rubin

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This package is designed for extremely experienced dog owners, owners who have done a Single Session with us or owners who have completed our Silver Program and would like more classes!

I purchased the "Bronze Package" and it was the best money ever spent. Charlie needed structure to feel safe she explained.I set boundaries with and my dog, although not perfect,(but who or what is)has turned into an incredible and dependable companion.It broke my heart to see Charlie misbehaving and I feel tremendous relief that he is becoming the dog I had hoped and knew he could become.

Go to Petsmart if you're looking for a cheap way to train your dog, but go to John's Natural Dog Training if you want it done right. My once axiety-ridden pitbull is now a lot happier and so am I!