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The Scoop on Doggie Day Care

by John Rubin
the doggie daycare difference

The difference between a good daycare and an excellent day care is almost immeasurable. It can mean so much to the mental and physical health of your dog that choosing the right provider is perhaps one of the most important decisions you might ever make for your beloved canine companion.

experience counts

We have not only provided dog training for many years, we have run a successful doggie daycare as well. The business of dogs has indeed exploded within the last decade and doggie daycare has become an easy business for amateur dog trainers, groomers and even veterinarians to embark upon.

With little experience, and even less cash, anyone can start a doggie daycare business. Unfortunately, this makes for some pretty low-quality care with providers selling their services to an unknowing public. What's worse is that many of these unqualified providers remain in business for years.

The ability to properly group dogs together in a cohesive, yet safe pack environment takes skill, knowledge and experience. One simple mental mistake can be disastrous. It is always a great idea to interview the daycare provider. I know this seems logical but knowing what questions to ask can be very important.

Referrals, Referrals and then ... More Referrals

In conjunction with possessing the knowledge and skills necessary to care for your beloved pet in the first place, excellent referrals are vital! (Keyword "excellent") Getting an endorsement from us, or another well-established professional dog trainer or behaviorist is a good start. But, several superior referrals can seal the deal. Referrals from a wide variety of sources are your best bet for a true and honest evaluation.

The Dog to Human Ratio

This is where most providers get low marks. Many doggie daycare providers do not take into consideration that dog packs require constant supervision. Just like children, dogs scuffle, play hard and get bullied. "Live" human supervision (not a camera or being within earshot) is mandatory. If a mobile provider takes their charges to a dog park all day, what happens when she stops or leaves to use the restroom? What if a dog gets loose or a fight starts? For this reason the dog to human ratio is important - especially for facilities or mobile daycare providers who use the same enclosed area day after day. For them there should always be two humans supervising up to 20 dogs. It would be impossible to place dogs in kennels or back into the truck or van for every bathroom break.

kamp kanine daycare for dogs

It is training as a professional, working with many breeds of dogs, and over an extended period of time, that makes for a well-rounded provider. And a daycare provider who has been in business less than 5 years might not be the best choice unless they have had extensive experience elsewhere.

Check references from at least 5 clients. Previous employers or business partners should be contacted. Check public records as many providers stretch the truth when it comes to the amount of time they have been in business. You can search county records online for business licenses and Fictitious Name Statements. Call previous employers to verify actual background and experience. If they refuse to supply you without this reference DO NOT HIRE THEM.

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