John the Dog Trainer's ~ Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared this page so that we can quickly answer any questions you might have about us, our services and our programs. If you would like for us to call you, please fill-out our Information Request Form: Request Info

✩ how do i housebreak my puppy?
This is perhaps the #1 question owners ask us. Because of this, we have dedicated a whole page on this subject. Please visit - Housebreaking - 101. However, every situation is different, so if you are in San Diego County, please feel free to give us a call. We can set-up a single visit to help you with this issue, or we can design a whole training program for you and your family.
✩ my dog has separation anxiety ~ what can i do?
Separation Anxiety can be the most difficult behavior issue that owners face. This is because it is deeply rooted in the psychology of your canine. We have prepared two articles that can help you understand the disease itself. However, obedience training is wonderful 'therapy" that we find can actually help with the symptoms. CSA is not something that can be eliminated, but it can be managed. Please read:

How Dogs Learn

Help for Separation Anxiety

✩ tell me about your methods and philosophy?
We know that here are a lot of dog trainers in our area to choose from. We also know that many visitors to our site are not in San Diego County. Experience is key. Methods and philosophy are grey areas because they are subjective. And, you as the owner of your dog must carefully choose what you feel most comfortable with. We say this: It is your decision, you must feel right about the company, the trainer and the program. Please read:

Who We Are

Our Training Philosophy

Our Programs

✩ can you help me with my aggressive dog?
Unfortunately, this question has become more commonplace. The simple answer is yes (we will do our best.) This is very dependent upon the type and level of aggression. We are frequently refered by owners, vets and other dog trainers to deal with aggression issues and we feel confident that we are going to have the answers you need. Many trainers are simply not equipped to deal with aggression issues. A paid evaluation is required to be better able to answer your questions. Please send us an information request and we will contact you ASAP. (FYI - true aggression, whether people or dog aggression, cannot be resolved utilizing food or electronic shock training methods.
✩ what is the best age to start training my puppy?
The best time to train your new pup is when you first bring her/him home. Not only can we help you with the transition, we can help you avoid common mistakes. And, if you have an older dog remember the old adage, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"; well, let's just say that John learns -something new about dogs every day. So, if he can learn .. so can your dog!


Need Help Fast?

We offer full customer care and support. Please contact us if you need assistance. John can be reached at 858-395-0050.