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"Upon our first meeting with John we saw instant—I can’t stress that enough—instant response from our puppy. John’s irrefutable calm command over our unmanageable animal was a wonder to behold. For us, previously unheard of yet simple strategies proved to be highly effective for things like housebreaking and teaching commands like sit and stay. Quite simply, John trained our dog to be a joy to have in our family." Dave Rickards - San Diego Radio Host and TV Personality

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Dog Obedience TrainingWe teach you to utilize your dog's natural instincts and loving, cooperative nature throughout the training process. Our experience and extensive knowledge of canine behavior allows us to share with owners the most effective and positive way to live harmoniously with their beloved furry family members. Let us help you Unleash Your Dog's Potential today!

Since 1990 we've been focusing on eliminating the theory of disposable dog ownership. Every dog deserves a forever home!


"I absolutely will never use, and do not advocate, the use of electronic shock collars! A good dog trainer, behaviorist or experienced handler would never need one."
John the Dog Trainer

Unleash Your Dog's Potential!

We know you have many choices when it comes to training your precious pup. Since 1990 John Rubin has been helping dog owners develop positive relationships with their dogs! John's desire to help owners better communicate with their dogs inspired him to develop John Knows Dogs "natural" approach to communicating, handling, and training. John's Natural Dog Training Company's approach to helping you train your dog is focused on educating you to better understand the psychology of your canine. We teach you to effectively end unwanted behavior by gently reinforcing good obedience. Our training methods encourage the natural bonding process with your puppy while reducing your frustrations. We can help you to unleash your dog's potential!

Puppies are considered an important part of every family. They need nurturing and care as they learn and grow very quickly. By capturing your pups energy and spirit, you will learn how to gently draw their attention away from their environment and re-direct it towards you.

Undoubtedly your dog’s loyalty and unconditional love is natural and instinctual. So are our methods. By clearly communicating with your puppy during the training process, in a way they understand, this natural characteristic will be reinforced and strengthened.

Preparing your pup for healthy and stable social interaction with dogs and humans is what we do best. Let us help you start you and your pup off on the right paw today!

Group Classes

John's Dog Obedience ClassesWe have group obedience classes located all over San Diego every 6 to 8 weeks. Our puppy socialization classes are on-going. *These classes are included in our Platinum Package.

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In-Home Training

Help for Dogs with Separation AnxietyDoes your dog suffer from canine separation anxiety or destroy your belongings? Do you have a dog that needs more socialization or is aggressive towards dogs or people? We can help.

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