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As San Diego's most experienced dog training company, we work with approximately 2500 new clients each year and hundreds of returning clients. We hope these reviews are helpful to you. We would be happy to supply you with personal references if requested. Please call us at 877-447-8597.

Megan F

Johns services were superb! I had a rescue dog with some behavioral issues and John and his team really helped him through most of his issues. John always went above and beyond! When I entered the hospital for an ongoing illness he would always make himself available to help take care of my dog when I needed help and was in a bind. He and his team truly care about dogs are well versed in all the different training methods and very caring and nurturing people! I highly recommend using his services! Thank you John!!!!

Rick C

John helped us with our scruffy terrier mix we adopted. Otter was a street dog and had lots of issues. John gave us great advice that got us through the first few months and turned him into a great dog. John was realistic about what it would take. We highly recommend John.


In my neighborhood everybody who owns dogs knows John because he really and truly knows dogs!  We recommend him to everyone. He is a miracle-worker, plain and simple. WORTH EVERY PENNY...We've hired John for three dogs. The first time we met him (in the mid 1990's) he trained us! Even though I'd grown up with dogs and I'd read every book I could find on raising a puppy, I was still struggling with the basics of dealing with two children under 4 and a pup.

In minutes John had our puppy's full attention and showed us how teach our dog by working with his natural behavior, rather than against it. As I said, I'd grown up with dogs, but he pointed out stuff I'd never noticed before: like when my dog "swallowed a thought". (You'll have to take a lesson with John to learn about that!)

In that first session he taught our dog how not to bolt when the front door was opened, to stop chewing on the kids' toys, to stop chewing on kids' fingers, and he taught us everything we needed to do until he was 6-months-old and able to come to group classes. He gave us instructions for the kids, too, so that puppy and kids would grow up safely and happily.We followed his instructions faithfully and went to the group classes. Our puppy grew into the best-mannered dog in the neighborhood. Everybody loved that dog. So many people would tell me, "If you ever want to give him up, I'll take him in an instant!"

We've hired John a couple of times since, for more dogs that came to live with us. Two of my neighbors and I even hired him for a semi-private class. Again, all were extremely successful outcomes... BUT... here's the thing: he trains the owner as well as the dog, and the ultimate success of your dog's training depends on whether or not you'll follow his guidelines.

Our last dog passed away over a year ago and we're finally getting ready to let a new pup into our lives. And that's when we'll be calling John's Natural Dog Training again.

Karen W.

I hired this company after a great recommendation from a colleague. I am a first time owner and decided to purchase an Alaskan Klee Kai puppy. The breed is cute as a button but can be very difficult in raising if you're not educated properly. I wasn't. I immediately did the in-home and class package which is WELL worth the money. I would have paid 5x what I did to receive the customer service and catered attention that I have over the past year. Not only did I receive amazing service during our in home sessions, I also received excellent and prompt customer service regarding emails and text messages with any questions that I had.

Tram L.

John has been a great teacher. He taught ME how to properly train my dog and guide me through the process of turning my shelter dog into a great member of the family. Dog training is about training the human owner, not the dog. I did the private lessons and it's been worth the extra money to get the one on one training. 

Highly recommend him and his services. I haven't worked with John himself but 3 of his staff members. I was very pleased with all of them. I can't say enough good things about this company, the methods they use, the way they cater training to each breed and each situation, and the way they educate the owner as much as the dog. I needed training as much as my puppy did.

We continue to do all of the classes and I recommend this company to anyone and everyone with a dog. Beginning, intermediate, or advanced they've got classes for you!

Hannah N.

John is awesome and a total dog-whisperer! He's my go-to for training and boarding! Thanks John!

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