John Knows Dogs K9 Personal Trainer Program

12 customized sessions. Lifetime admission to obedience & specialty classes!

John's K9 Personal Training ProgramOur most intensive and comprehensive Private in-Home Program. Great for inexperienced owners or owners with hectic schedules who want a well-trained dog!

Our most requested program, this fully customizable program is great for owners with hectic schedules - but any owner and dog can benefit from this outstanding curriculum.

The best learning environment for your canine companion to start out in is the safety and security of your home. With our K9 Personal Trainer program we offer just that - we come to you! Our expert dog trainers will visit your home 2 days a week for 6 weeks to teach and interact with your dog so that all obedience commands and socialization exercises are taught and experienced in an environment you and your dog can be comfortable with. Learning occurs faster and progress is seen immediately.

Some owners want more than just obedience ~ they request more social interaction or desensitization in specific settings. We can customize this program to fit any owner's needs, wants and desires.


"I absolutely will never use, and do not advocate, the use of electronic shock collars! A good dog trainer, behaviorist or experienced handler would never need one." John M. Rubin

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Perfect for:

  • Owners with young pups and hectic schedules
  • New/inexperienced owners
  • Families with young children
  • Owners wanting to obtain CGC or Therapy Dog Certification
  • Owners wanting to obtain AKC Obedience titles for their dogs
  • Dogs with aggression or socialization issues

We have been with John's Natural Dog Training Company Since 2006. The trainers have brought me and my Dog Oso to the point where we have bonded and the Dog is now a Therapy dog. I couldn't have asked for better trainers and friends.

When we added our Golden Retriever, Fenway, to our family, we also added two important, two-legged beings: John Rubin, company owner and dog training expert, and Denelle Smalley, lead trainer. They've trained, raised, and most importantly, loved him as their own. He is a happy, healthy, loving, highly-social, well-adjusted and well-trained dog because of their dedication, devotion and commitment.

I highly recommend this Pet obedience training AND if you can get Jessica, you will be in good hands.