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Single Consultation

The best way for you to resolve minor issues such as housebreaking, or to just get to know us a bit better before you commit to a program, is to schedule a Single Consultation Session.

Consultations are are perfect if you:

  • Have a new puppy and need some guidance
  • Have a new rescue
  • Problems with nuisance barking, whining or separation
  • Problems with destruction
  • Not sure which program you want

Consultations can be upgraded to any private training package or Board and Train Program and that amount paid will be applied.

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Private Training

In-home training is perhaps the best gift you can give your dog, yourself and your family.

Especially with young pups, these programs allow you to get started on training right away. Bringing a new puppy or dog home can be stressful for everyone - especially on your new family member. Getting off on the right foot is essential. Depending on your individual needs, you might want extensive training and class follow-up or just enough to get you started. We have designed several packages to fit your needs.

For an even more customizable and comprehensive training experience, we offer our K9 Personal Trainer Program.

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Obedience Classes

Conveniently located throughout San Diego our group class trainers are the most experienced you will find in San Diego.

All of our trainers are AKC CGC Certified Evaluators with years of experience training, handling and caring for dogs of every breed, size and age.

Our group classes are a great way to reinforce good on-leash socialization and better prepare your dog for off-leash environments such as dog parks, dog beach and hiking trails. And, classes are fun for both you and your dog!

We offer Puppy Socialization, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Canine Good Citizen Classes.

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Personal K9 Trainer

Our Most Requested Dog Obedience Training Program! This fully customizable and comprehensive program is great for folks with hectic schedules ~ but any owner and dog can benefit from this outstanding dog training program.

The best learning environment for your canine companion is the safety and security of your home.

With our K9 Personal Trainer program we offer just that - we come to you and we do all of the work! Whether you have a new puppy or older dog that needs improvement in their training and behavior, start the New Year off right! We look forward to meeting you and your puppy!

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Board & Train

Its not easy to find quality boarding with highly trained staff who are qualified to take care of your furry family members. We know not all boarding facilities are created equal and we are ready to help you find the best option for your boarding needs. Please call us at 877-477-8597 to talk about boarding options so that we can recommend the best boarding options for you.


Perfect Puppy Program

Let us help you get your puppy off to a great start! This extremely beneficial package helps you by offering four single sessions at your home. We can help you get your home "puppy proofed" and set-up in a positive way that will make you and your pup more comfortable.

Then, when your pup is ready for beginning class, he or she is already paid, prepared and ready to go!

We can start as soon as you bring your new puppy home! We will assist you with the basics such as; housebreaking tips and suggestions, biting nipping and chewing, sleeping arrangements, kid-proofing and nutritional guidance. Includes two rounds of group class

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