John Knows Dogs Silver Program

4 private sessions - Free round of group obedience class!

John's Silver Dog Training ProgramOur basic yet comprehensive Private in-Home Program. Good for experienced pup owners or as a refresher course for older dogs for dogs

This training program is for families with previous experience in owning and training a dog, who need less instruction but with the same intensive training philosophy as our Platinum and Gold Packages.

With the Silver Package you receive 4 private training sessions, designed to meet your needs. You will also receive admission to one round of group obedience class (no advanced or specialty classes though.)

As with the Platinum and Gold Package, we can address behavior as well as obedience concerns.

"I absolutely will never use, and do not advocate, the use of electronic shock collars! A good dog trainer, behaviorist or experienced handler would never need one." John M. Rubin

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Perfect for:

  • Older dogs with no behavioral issues
  • Rescued dogs with few/no behavioral issues
  • Very experienced dog owners
  • Dogs already trained that just need a refresher course
  • Dogs suddenly experiencing housebreaking or other behavioral issues

I thought I knew a lot about dog behavior but Jessica spent as much time teaching (training) us how to react or not react to our puppy in order to discourage or praise her for her certain behaviors. I just can't say enough good things about John's Natural Dog Training - well worth the money!

Go to Petsmart if you're looking for a cheap way to train your dog, but go to John's Natural Dog Training if you want it done right. My once axiety-ridden pitbull is now a lot happier and so am I!

We have one private lesson to go, and group to begin, I can honestly say it is the best money I have ever spent. Absolutely worth every cent and then some! This training given us the ability to truly share so much more of our lives with our furry family!...