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Learn about the products that we recommend for you and your dog!

As the founder and owner of John’s Natural Dog Training Company, I understand the importance of feeding your dog nutritionally sound and high-quality dog foods. I believe good health and good nutrition should be the foundation to any training program.

In June of 2017, the dog training and product sales divisions of John’s Natural Dog Training Company separated and formed two separate companies. Although, I am no longer an affiliate partner with any dog food manufacturing, marketing or sales company I understand the value of finding the right products to meet your dog’s needs.

Even though I’m no longer a sales affiliate, I continue to highly recommend both Life’s Abundance and BARF World pet products. Both these companies are highly committed to excellence and have an outstanding history of providing the highest quality products. Since we believe in the quality of these products we have kept links throughout the JNDTC website that are related to nutrition, pet food or pet supplements; however, links to these products will redirect you away from our site to separate sites that process and ship these products directly to you.

We encourage you to follow the links below to learn more about their products and remember, they sell more than just dog food… so make sure to check out their treats and nutritional supplements. Rest assured that if you are a member of the auto-ship program, your orders will continue to be processed in the same manner and you will continue to receive excellent customer service.

BARFWorld Raw Dog Food
Life's Abundance Pet Food